ToyService Outtasking

So einfach kann Spielwarenhandel sein.

ToyService bietet kleinen und großen Unternehmen der Spielwarenbranche die clevere Auslagerung von arbeits- und kostenintensiven Unternehmensaufgaben. Unternehmen aus allen Stufen der Spielwaren-Vertriebskette - vom Hersteller bis zum Einzelhändler - können unsere Dienste nutzen. Hierbei delegiert das Unternehmen einzelne Aufgaben ("tasks") aus den Bereichen IT und Vertrieb an uns aus ("out). Wir nennen das "ToyService Outtasking". Wie das geht und was geht, erfahren Sie auf dieser Website.

Mehr erfahren...

Okay, now what?

Just put your own content here and go. Create as many sections as you like, either on the home page or any other page. You've got a lot to choose from - text, gallery, portfolio, counter, statement, pricing, percentages, FAQ, testimonials, and more.

This starter kit was created to demonstrate a proposed way to do things, so don't judge it hard :)

Can I see a full demo somewhere?

Of course you can! We've set up a demo site showcasing all of the Starter Kit's functionality. Just click the button.

What else should I know?

A number of packages also created by us are included within this starter kit:

AutoNode - that's the one that automatically creates specific subnodes when you save or publish something.

NodeRestrict - this won't let you add more nodes where you're not supposed to (e.g. pricing works with up to 4)

VirtualNodes - this will make parts of the auto-generated URL "disappear" (you'll see it at work on blog post URLs)

PropSense - Well, you won't see that in action since it's just a T4 template adding intellisense for properties in Visual Studio when strongly-typed models are not used.


Watch some videos

We've put together some screencasts to help you configure your theme. Have a look here:

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